About EnviroLeaks

Enviroleaks is no longer in operation: the following is for archive purposes only. Please do not submit anything, but please DO create something similar, secure, safe and subversive.

What EnviroLeaks Is

EnviroLeaks is a repository of leaked information that fills the gap between what the mainstream media allow us to know about the environmentally destructive behaviour of the industrial system, and the often highly classified and largely political information from groups such as WikiLeaks. It also provides commentary on and analysis of relevant leaks from other sources.

EnviroLeaks encourages ordinary people with access to embarrassing and potentially disruptive information, to submit it for review, with the intention of it being published as a publicly accessible article. This may take anywhere between a few days and a few months depending on the level of verification needed, and the nature of the information: sometimes a leak will be prioritised in order to increase the potential impact.

EnviroLeaks is happy to accept information up to and including CONFIDENTIAL and, in the case of commercial interests, HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL – however you must understand fully the nature of the information you are dealing with; EnviroLeaks cannot take responsibility for your safety, it can only strive to reduce that risk as far as reasonably possible. We will not reveal sources unless legally forced to do so, and even then will resist all attempts to make us do so, but it is in your best interest not to make this possible.

EnviroLeaks does not discriminate:

– Whether the information is damaging to a major corporation or a small NGO, if it reveals a significant element of hypocrisy or double-standards then the subject is fair game, regardless of the public perception of that subject;

– We do not provide information in advance to the mass media – information is published here, and anyone can redistribute it;

– The “environment” is everything that sustains the basic needs of humanity, so a relevant leak may reveal mass deforestation, the co-ordinated cover up of greenhouse gas emissions figures, the pollution of a local stream or the removal of allotments for housing – the smallest exposure may be a wedge to exposing far larger things;

– One person’s medicine may be another person’s poison: just because “other” people don’t consider an activity to be damaging or hypocritical doesn’t mean it isn’t. If it feels wrong then it probably is – you feel that because you have managed to avoid being conditioned to ignore it;

– We recognise that leaks are not always going to be exclusive. We don’t mind; most of the information published is not likely to be revealed by the mainstream media, so you can send it to us as a backup – we are not proud.

This website is hosted by WordPress for maximum portability, and no information other than what you can see is hosted on it. No personal information is ever provided, even as metadata. This site should be viewed in an advert and script-limited environment. We recommend using Firefox or Chrome with the AdBlock Plus / uBlock and NoScript Add-ons, with telemetry and caching switched off as a minimum. Comments are invited as is sharing.

What EnviroLeaks is NOT

We are not WikiLeaks.

EnviroLeaks does not deal with government classified information. If the leak is illegal in your country of residence then EnviroLeaks cannot take responsibility for the release of that information: find another organisation if you have something of that nature to reveal. If you are not sure then contact us using the methods below.

EnviroLeaks does not publish information that breaches the privacy of an individual or their family. If you feel something is in the public interest then feel free to send it, but we will ultimately make the decision as to whether public interest overrides privacy, in our publishing of information. We may choose to redact (delete) certain details in the interests of privacy and/or safety.