Sites We Recommend (with a Caution)

EnviroLeaks is not the first website to publish privileged information on environmental issues, nor will it be the last. The same goes for WikiLeaks with regards to whistleblowing and leaked information in general. In fact, there are all sorts of places to both upload and access such materials online – this is a short guide to some of the most useful.

The first, and most important, thing to say is that EnviroLeaks can provide no verification about the integrity of any these sites. While it is not necessarily a bad thing if false information is leaked – it could, after all, be an effective spoof or veiled reference to valid information – all information has to be treated with caution. We can only vouch for the information presented here as “EXCLUSIVE” releases; all other items, while having been checked for obvious flaws, are only as good as the source.

The integrity issue becomes especially important if you are considering sending information to any of these sites. In the case of EnviroLeaks, the About page details the level of security we can provide – it is not watertight (nothing on the internet is), but we will always endeavour to protect identities and potentially traceable data.

We cannot vouch for the security of sending data to any of the other sites listed in this article or on the “Sites” bar. The problem is twofold: we don’t know all the people involved in other sites, and we don’t know how secure their infrastructure is. If a site claims they are “totally secure” then be wary – they are either lying or naive. Nothing is totally secure. Use your common sense.


The current WikiLeaks site (as of 24 January 2011) is dedicated to the Cablegate and Iraq / Afghanistan war file releases. You won’t find much more on there. There is also currently no upload facility. Nevertheless, WikiLeaks appears to be maintaining its integrity in the face of opposition, even from former volunteers.

WikiLeaks Archive

There exist a number of mirrors of the original WikiLeaks site, prior to the major cable / intelligence releases. The one linked here reflects the state of the site at the beginning of 2010, and still contains some very useful information.

Public Intelligence

The Public Intelligence site is a repository of publicly available, but often hidden, information. Its vast range of categories, along with its ease of access to large documents makes it an extremely useful resource for anyone interested in open information.


Cryptome is the possibly the earliest still operational incarnation of an open information site, and is still run by John Young – perhaps the complete opposite to Julian Assange in character. The site is a combination of publicly available, but hard to obtain, documentation, plus a wide range of useful offsite links.


BalkanLeaks is a new site dedicated to releasing privileged information relating to the Balkan nations, which include Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Русский WikiLeaks (Russian WikiLeaks)

This is predominantly a Russian-orientated mirror of WikiLeaks which is beginning to publish its own leaks.

Sites we cannot verify operational status or usefulness of:

Brussels Leaks

If you have any other sites within the scope of this article that you would like to recommend then please comment below, and we will check them out.

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