WikiLeaks / Cablegate: French Say Legally Binding Treaties Will Never Be Passed

It is apparent that no treaties that reach the table of any international climate negotiations have a chance of halting or even slowing climate change, much less the ones that do actually reach agreement. Those that are agreed upon by the majority of industrial nation governments are those that do not bind the parties to anything even financially significant. This lack of binding agreements has become the “accepted” norm (accepted among political leaders, that is), and no wonder if discussions between politicians and diplomats – as below – pre-empts any agreements with this assumption.

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WikiLeaks / Cablegate: US Vatican Envoy is Mouthpiece for Biotech Industry

This revealing cable from the WikiLeaks Cablegate series shows clear evidence that the biotech industry in the USA is using government representatives (USAID and the State Department) to place pressure on religious leaders to change their stance on issues of Doctrine. If it turns out in the future that the Catholic Church supports GMOs, for whatever reason, then we will be in no doubt that, for Catholicism, economic interests override interests of religious faith. This article suggests this is very much in the balance.

What is also notable is that the author, Christopher Sandrolini, US ambassador to the Holy See, writes in stridently pro-biotech terms.

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WikiLeaks / Cablegate: US Biotech Firms Driving Government Policy

Reading the following leak it becomes clear that there is really no dividing line between government policy in the USA and corporate activity. Not a wisp of gossamar separates the wording of a cable written by the US Ambassador for France, Craig Stapleton, and any similar memo written by the CEO of Monsanto. Paragraphs 6 and 7 are key.

Richard Brenneman makes the excellent point that “the document…offers unimpeachable confirmation of GMO critics’ claims that Washington has been targeting them”. The second cable in this post, entitled “Spain’s biotech crop under threat”, shows blatant hand-holding by Monsanto with regards to the potential risk to GMO trade in Spain, including evidence that the Spanish government has received backhanders from the GMO corporations.

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WikiLeaks / Cablegate : Murder of Dorothy Stang

EnviroLeaks will be running a series of relevant leaks from the WikiLeaks Cablegate series as they become available. It is not easy to extract specific topics of interest from the vast number of cables, so we will attempt to make things easier by posting what we consider some of the most pertinent ones here.

This cable from the US Brazilian Embassy concerns the commercially-motivated murder of human and environmental rights activist Sister Dorothy Stang in the Para region of Brazil. What is particularly interesting is the unwillingness of the Brazilian Government to “federalize” the investigation, despite their superficial support. This leads one to suspect internal involvement in the killing itself.

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