WikiLeaks / Cablegate: Is BP Arctic Drilling Deal Motivated by Putin’s Profits?

The complex, but ultimately profit-motivated deal that is being struck between oil giant BP, and the even larger Russian energy company Rosneft, raises all sorts of questions as to why a Western company has so easily been allowed to slip into the role of joint exploiter of one of the last remaining pristine ocean habitats. BP are clearly delighted with the opportunity to brutally despoil yet another expanse of water:

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EXCLUSIVE: Major UK PR Company Prepared to Assist With Relocation of Uncontacted Amazonian Tribe [Transcript]

The following transcript is of a telephone call between an anonymous caller and a very senior director of the London-based PR company Biss Lancaster Euro RSCG (now known as Euro RSCG London).

The discussion that takes place revolves around the potential relocation of one or more uncontacted tribes in the Bolivian Amazon in order to develop an open cast lithium mine. It is not known whether the call is genuine, but the Biss Lancaster (Euro RSCG) representative shows no sign that the call is anything but. According to Survival International, uncontacted tribes are “the most vulnerable peoples on earth”. Moving them almost certainly spells an end to the tribe; the damage caused by an open-cast lithium mine would be an environmental and human catastrophe in itself.

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WikiLeaks / Cablegate: Sea Shepherd, Not Greenpeace, A Threat To Japanese Whaling

At the peak of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s anti-whaling activities in 2008, Greenpeace made public their opposition to the tactics of Paul Watson’s group, which coincided with Greenpeace’s refusal to help the Sea Shepherd vessel stop the refuelling of the Japanese whaler Nisshin Maru (Greenpeace later claimed to have driven off the same ship merely by their presence).

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Cablesearch Web Site

Just a short note to make readers aware of the Cablesearch web Site, available at

The site provides a standard form search engine (e.g. use of modifiers, wildcards and groupings) to allow users to search through the current Cablegate archive. The search works only on those cables that have been released, but as it appears to be archiving on a daily basis then this is as good a search tool as any available for spotting items of interest.

We will certainly be using the utility on EnviroLeaks.

UK National Archives: 1970 Pollution White Paper Matches Prescience With Arrogance

This White Paper is about man's impact on his environment and specifically about the pollution of his environment

Thus, the scene is set for the 1970 British Government White Paper on Environmental Pollution, the first of its type – setting “man” in the ascendancy, the ultimate mover and shaker, the owner of all he surveys. Entitled “The Protection of the Environment: the Fight against Pollution.” and written by Anthony Crosland, the then Secretary of State for Planning and Local Government (formerly President of the Board of Trade), the paper is a very significant reflection of the industrial attitude towards the natural environment. The text is especially significant because it was approved by the then Prime Minister, Harold Wilson; and thus can be regarded as official government policy.

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WikiLeaks / Cablegate: French Say Legally Binding Treaties Will Never Be Passed

It is apparent that no treaties that reach the table of any international climate negotiations have a chance of halting or even slowing climate change, much less the ones that do actually reach agreement. Those that are agreed upon by the majority of industrial nation governments are those that do not bind the parties to anything even financially significant. This lack of binding agreements has become the “accepted” norm (accepted among political leaders, that is), and no wonder if discussions between politicians and diplomats – as below – pre-empts any agreements with this assumption.

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Mediamatters: Fox News Executive Orders Climate Change Denial

An excellent story by Mediamatters demonstrates clearly the grip editorial policy has over news. Even when faced with objective evidence, Fox presenters have been advised to cloud the science of climate change to ensure high-level editorial policy is obeyed.

In the midst of global climate change talks last December, a top Fox News official sent an email questioning the “veracity of climate change data” and ordering the network’s journalists to “refrain from asserting that the planet has warmed (or cooled) in any given period without IMMEDIATELY pointing out that such theories are based upon data that critics have called into question.”

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EnviroLeaks Facebook Group

The EnviroLeaks website encourages people to comment about posts, but it is not designed as a debating arena because of the need to highlight the most important leaks currently available. To allow for both open debate, and also for people to post analysis of leaks and other relevant material a Facebook Page has been created.

If you have a Facebook membership then you can “Like” this group by going to Once Liked you are welcome to post links, images, videos and take part in discussions.

Please note that Facebook is not a secure environment, even if you use an alias. If you wish to post information in confidence or raise issues that may place you at risk then please go to the About page and read the instructions. Do not post anything on Facebook that is not already in the public domain.

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WikiLeaks / Cablegate: US Vatican Envoy is Mouthpiece for Biotech Industry

This revealing cable from the WikiLeaks Cablegate series shows clear evidence that the biotech industry in the USA is using government representatives (USAID and the State Department) to place pressure on religious leaders to change their stance on issues of Doctrine. If it turns out in the future that the Catholic Church supports GMOs, for whatever reason, then we will be in no doubt that, for Catholicism, economic interests override interests of religious faith. This article suggests this is very much in the balance.

What is also notable is that the author, Christopher Sandrolini, US ambassador to the Holy See, writes in stridently pro-biotech terms.

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WikiLeaks / Cablegate: US Biotech Firms Driving Government Policy

Reading the following leak it becomes clear that there is really no dividing line between government policy in the USA and corporate activity. Not a wisp of gossamar separates the wording of a cable written by the US Ambassador for France, Craig Stapleton, and any similar memo written by the CEO of Monsanto. Paragraphs 6 and 7 are key.

Richard Brenneman makes the excellent point that “the document…offers unimpeachable confirmation of GMO critics’ claims that Washington has been targeting them”. The second cable in this post, entitled “Spain’s biotech crop under threat”, shows blatant hand-holding by Monsanto with regards to the potential risk to GMO trade in Spain, including evidence that the Spanish government has received backhanders from the GMO corporations.

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